Monday, May 25, 2009

Mall Cops

This has absolutely nothing to do with sailing that I can see. However, since I'm the blog captain and nobody's here to stop me, away we go.

What happens when you release two movies about mall security guards into the world at the same time? I'm speaking of Kevin James in Paul Blart: Mall Cop and Observe and Report with Seth Rogen.

My wonder/concern is of the larger effect on our society of putting these two movies out. Who, or what am I concerned about? Probably the psyches of mall cops nationwide, and I guess all who shop safely and securely in malls.

To my question, then. With this much attention paid to the profession, it's not likely that many of the actual mall cops in America are unaware of how they are perceived. Will this comic portrayal in duplicate have the effect of driving off some good mall cops, living us all at risk? Or are we doing the right thing as a society, by showing our mall cops the mirror into their souls, and helping them along the evolutionary path toward their self-actualized potential?

Friday, May 15, 2009

My List

I'm posting a list in response to The Tillerman's call for lists. I'm adding a visual aid, too. These are the two people who won't sail with me right now.

If you've followed this blog in the past (especially last November), then you can probably understand why.


Here's one showing off her 9 stitches from her bike crash.

And here's the other showing off her red-headed flair for the dramatic.

Fingers are crossed that warm weather will inspire the monkeys to try again.