Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Line out!

Big week on the boat. Whuh? You say? Week One, big? Huh....

Yeah, smarty pants. We made it to the home moorage, moved ton'o'stuff onboard and sent momma off to the east coast of da mainland for worky-work.

Daddy got to catch up with his old irish rugby mates and meet their island friends at the Outrigger Canoe Clug. And, whaddya know! Everything is the same. Maybe slight differences. Kids getting older. The nights ending sooner. Final final, actually much closer to Final than we'd ever imagined. But, spectacularly, Louise's abs look spectacular.

Aloha nui loa!

Kewalo Sunset Okinawan Sunrise

Spent the day working from the boat (boring); with a 4a start time. Oy! Later, ran over to the Div of Boating Recreation and got the boat ownership transferred to my name; and made a deposit at the bank. Kris dropped me and ran out to the house to meet someone who was buying a table and some chairs.

I also looked at bicycles. We are trying to figure out what sort of auxiliary transportation will work best on the boat. And it's probably a good idea to get some funky little city/fold-up type bicycles. Researching that!

As we headed off to dinner last night, had to stop, back up and capture this picture of the beautiful sunset.

We were off to meet with our friends Alton and Sharie at the great little Okinawan hole-in-the-wall restaurant Sunrise. Dinner was excellent; especially the pork and yakisoba.

All washed down with some nice BYOB sakes.

Afterward, we rode over to Via Gelato and had some sweet treats to wrap a nice night on the town.


Monday, April 21, 2014

All Work and Some Surf...

Surfed the point at Kewalo Basin Park, today with a dozen of my closest friends. Always crowded, but thinned out from the weekend.

When I got it out, there were some nice sets coming through, and I got a couple of nice drops and turns. But after about twenty minutes, it shut off. We spent a long time sitting; watching the dive boats out past the end of the channel and off to the sides. Looks like a pretty popular spot for the diving crew.

Lunch over, back to work!

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Two Strikes, Five Dresses

Apparently, you can't live aboard in Kewalo Basin. So, we leave every day.

You also can't SUP in the basin, which makes sense, but I saw a couple of people take off in the morning heading out of the basin and into the channel. So, of course, when I paddled around I got in trouble.

Since then we've been less conspicuous. We took a walk this morning through Ala Moana Park and had breakfast at the Harbor Pub, where Kris was delighted to find that they welcome dogs in the bar and restaurant.

The park is full of families this Easter Sunday. Here in Honolulu, everyone brings the whole family and does the whole day in the park, ohana style. It's pretty cool.

We ran out to Kahalu'u and cleared out the cupboards, provisioning the boat and getting closer to emptying out the house. It's been a long process, downsizing our lives. I'd like to say it's liberating, but that's a little glib. Moving out of a house, and onto a boat and doing it consciously, with no plan to go back, is also a stressful and disorienting process. The things we spent so much time wanting, working for, acquiring, making part of our lives, are reduced to their essential thing-ness, all marketing desires removed. The questions we ask ourselves are:

Have we used it lately?
Do we need it?
Do we already have it?
If we have it, which one is better for the boat?
And, the clincher, will it fit?

It's shocking to find how many things we had in duplicate; measuring spoons, cookware, utensils, all sorts of household goods. And our clothes. Wow. when we started to simplify, we realized that we had too many of each thing; pick a hoodie; choose five dresses; ditch the Carhart vest and pick a rain jacket.

Books. Oh, tough one. For the record, my poetry collection was hard to whittle. Clemens Starck made it; he's a guy I had the good fortune to meet and work with while at Oregon State University. He belongs on a sailboat in Hawaii; we will sail with his finely crafted juxtapositions as companions. I always think about how Clem described his writing process and I can imagine him rehanging an old door, removing it from it's frame, rebuilding the door in the way it required; working over a line of poetry in his head, until that line was right and then off to the next line; building on the previous line, constructing a thoughtful collection of ideas, reflections, and images into a whole that opens a portal in his readers' mind.

W. B. Yeats will be alongside all three of Virginia Hamilton Adair's collections. The bard and a couple of dozen books about the Pacific, including people, places, and travelogues, from Mark Twain and R. L. Stevenson, through Paul Theroux.

Heavy winds again today, so we sit alongside the pier.

A stop at Sandy Beach on the way back to the boat for an afternoon surf session and then left on Kalanianaole Hwy, instead of our usual right to the old land-based home. Re-orienting ourselves to a life afloat.

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Back in Kewalo Basin

Pulled the for sale sign off.

They lifted us at about 1345 yesterday afternoon, and Kris immediately painted the four spots that we couldn't reach while she was on the boat blocks; so, that's how that works, curious minds.

They wheeled the boat over to the launch area and put out a ladder for us to climb aboard. As they started to pull the ladder away, our navigator, the yacht broker, showed up and quickly climbed onboard.

No incidents as we were lowered, started up the engine, checked to make sure cooling water was flowing out, and backed out of the lift zone. Forward, back again, and we were off.

A short, six-mile cruise and we had her at the slip.

The biggest challenge will be docking. We did okay with a third hand onboard to help. Kris and I will have to learn to work it together. In the future, we'll probably put Kris at the helm and I will be the deckhand for docking. We had a little bit of a mess-up as the bow started to blow away, pushed by the strong trades. With John helping, and some leverage from his line on the dock, I was able to move her forward and back a few times to get her closer and then pull a line over and secure her.

View from our slip.

She's got a half-dozen spring lines in place, too, to help with the bouncing that goes on in the slip. I guess when South swells get going, this corner gets some rocking and rolling.

View from our slip, with anuenue. 

No sailing yet. We will wait for lighter winds.

Trades are whipping today, keeping it cool here.

We walked across the street to the Kaka'ako Farmer's Market at Ward Warehouse and got a couple of fresh-baked croissants from the hippies with the oven in the bed of their pickup; washed it down with a pineapple, apple-banana, honey, cream smoothie, and listened to some Hawaiian music.

Beautiful day!

Thursday, April 17, 2014


We pulled the tape off the waterline this afternoon and took some shots of the hull with a fresh couple of coats of bottom paint. Cheehu!

Kris did a very nice job of laying down some super straight tape lines. Maybe next bottom job we add a little racing stripe...


Wednesday, April 16, 2014

First Night on the Boat

Yes, I'm in the yard, but Father Neptune made sure to whip up some wind and get this baby swaying on the hard, in the yard. Yo.

Kris went home late last night to spend the night with her dogs. I'm pretty sure she would have rather been here, even though the accommodations are a bit on the spartan side.

I made a late West Marine run and found out our neighbor in the yard works there. Her partner has been busting his tail underneath their boat for the whole time we've been here, stripping the hull down to wood. She found out right at the end of the shift--I was last customer--that the store was requiring a meeting. She asked me to pass the word to Jamie (labor) that Anne Elise (management) was going to be a little late. She said, "He will worry about me, on my bike."

I knocked on his hull and passed the message. He said, "Yeah, I do worry. She's on the bike."

 Awoke to a big beautiful waning gibbous moon, as well.

Today is a day for hull cleaning, scrubbing and painting! We hope to get two coats on today; the third tomorrow morning; and float again tomorrow afternoon.