Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Moloka'I Time

We sailed to Moloka'i Saturday before Thanksgiving and spent two weeks before coming back this past Sunday. We watched the weather going and coming and took advantage of light winds and smaller swells.

Departed just before 1800 Saturday, November 22 and arrived at Kaunakakai Wharf just before 1100, with some early morning tacks thrown in to delay our arrival. We had to motor the trip over, since winds were straight on our nose, coming from South of East all night, although very light.

My battery went out as we were getting near the harbor entrance. I put the dinghy in the water and mounted the motor, to have it ready, just in case. Then I was able to cross connect my house batteries and fire up the engine. After arriving in port, I took the maintenance-free battery to the shop and tester showed it to be bad.

I tested the alternator and it appears the voltage regulator is sketchy. I was getting 15.4 volts out of alternator and at the battery.

I'll probably swap out the alternator in the next week or so.

Okay, enough of the techy stuff. Moloka'i was sublime. The trip across was easy, some rocking and rolling on the O'ahu side of Kaiwi Channel, but smoothed out once across the deep part and onto the bank in the lee of the island.

We had another couple along for the ride and they slept most of it, both a little seasick. I think seasick happens the more one concentrates on the idea of it. I've only had one episode and it snuck up on me out of nowhere, while salmon fishing off the Columbia River Bar. I had overindulged the night before with my fishing mates, and was a bit dehydrated, so probably earned that one.

I've had a moment or two, here and there where I feel it, but it's usually standard motion-sickness triggers that cause my problem. As soon as I shift my vision off the thing in my hands, or get out of the cabin and up in the fresh air, it dissipates. I also find I can sleep great in rocking rolling seas. I hit the sack about 2100 and slept until 2315. I took over the watch from Kris and she crashed on the saloon couch until I woke her at 0330 to give myself a break.

It was interesting to me that we could see both islands the whole way. And the sun rising behind Haleakala as we made way up the Kalohi Channel, was spectacular.

And a couple of sunsets were okay, too.