Saturday, August 30, 2014

Maui by Plane

We flew over yesterday and found our way to Castaway Cafe, just up from Black Rock in Kaanapali. With wifi, a quiet little bar, and spectacular views of Lanai and Molokai, couldn't ask for a much better spot to spend a work day.

This trip is a little Labor Day holoholo with workdays in Maui as bookends. This morning we are waking up in Makawao, where it's a very cool upcountry 70f, a nice break from Late summer heat in Honolulu.

Anyone who's traveled to Hawaii and spent time on more than one island, knows there's some big differences between town and country. However, having lived on O'ahu for a couple of years, and in Honolulu most recently, it's a very welcome contrast here on the slopes of Haleakala. Cooler temps, life passing slowly and quietly, and a lack of locals with aggressive elbows, reminds us why we love Hawaii. Sure, we can get it on O'ahu, if we try, but traveling to outer islands immerses us in our aloha.

A secondary activity on this trip is to check out boating facilities. We knew things were tight over here, but it turns out that Lahaina harbor has a thirty-year waiting list for a slip. The guy on the top of the list applied for a slip in 1981. They think he will get one this year.


Maalaea is not much better, if not worse, and Lanai is very limited as well.

The one glimmer of hope may be Kaunakakai, on Molokai. We may try and take a ferry over and check things out on Molokai tomorrow.

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

KiKi Kane Illustration

Kris has been on a creative jag since we broke free of the mainland and she's been working her watercolor style to the point she's getting happier with the colors and designs. Some very-much island-themed fun here: KiKi Kane Illustration

Sunday, August 10, 2014

I Believe in You

I don't know if you know, but I'm the proud papa of three beautiful Irish princesses. And this past month, I got to spend some time with them. The eldest, Caeley, is on staff at Cloud and Kelly's, a cute little pub in Corvallis, Oregon. the younger two live in Beaverton, Oregon, and I get as much time as I can with them. 
Somehow this visit this past month afforded me the chance to go to Falls City, Oregon, and jump off the falls and into the Luckiamute River.

Caeley and Aoibhinn (pronounced even), were quick, albeit cautious, to make the leap and climb back up the rocks. As Aoibhinn was working up the courage to make the eight-foot jump, Medbh (rhymes with gave), was very supportive and shouted out to her sister, "I believe in you!" 

It was a beautiful moment, made even more special by Medbh's intensity. She's a passionate, insightful, and amazing little kid. 

My ginger. 

She fought her own battle to get to the point where she was able to make the leap. Later, she told me, "I counted to ten, Dad...ten least." 

Thank you for this gift of this time with these lovely women. And thank you for this gift of their fierce spirits. 

I believe in you!

Koko Raindrop Chaser

This is Koko the kitty learning about raindrops during Iselle the hurricane's passing...

Saturday, August 9, 2014

350 lb blue marlin

 This is how much truck it takes to get a big fish off a boat in Hawaii...

Next up: Julio!

So far, looking like he will shear off to the northeast of us and track along toward the north of O'ahu. Of course, Iniki, in 1992, was a Central Pacific hurricane way south of Kauai that was tracking due west and took a 90-degree turn and ran right over Kauai. 

However, the Pacific high pressure that guides these things, like a steering oar, is moving east, which is what creates this track. 

So, a couple of days to watch and wait. And maybe get some fun surf at Makapu'u...

Friday, August 8, 2014

Sun Break

A break in the rain and clouds. I can even see some people out on the beach at Ala Moana Beach Park. 

32 knots plus one

Starting to see some uptick in the wind and rain. Sustained fifteen mins of 25+ knots and this little 32 kt long gust that I captured on the nav instruments. 

Snapped my long starboard bowline, but not sure I can blame it Iselle. She's been blowing us gently.  I think this line was about due to be replaced anyway. I squared-her back together and walked her around the pier. 

 You can see the whole line in the second picture. She had a previous snap and lots of dipping in the water, owing to length and surges.

 These are the NBC guys, out shooting shots of a reporter standing in the rain. That has to be a stupid job.

Aloha kakahiaka, Iselle!

So far Iselle has only brought O'ahu some gusty trades and a little rain. Nothing too sketchy. The biggest hassle I've experienced is the massive lights pointed right at my boat, from the NBC weather truck that's parked fifty feet away. 

Of course, that didn't stop me from going out in the middle of the night and pee'ing off the back like I always do. So, if you think that super moon came early to Hawaii, check the broadcast network you're watching; it might be a false image. 

Sleep was okay, could have been better. Still fighting off the horrible hay fever from my two weeks in Oregon. Woke up a few times and checked the decks and had a look around. Had to shut a couple of hatches to keep the blowing wind out. 

When I awoke this morning, I took the ladies to the Harbor Pub where I could get breakfast and the dogs are welcomed. 

We were first in the door and the ladies earned some bacon from the wait staff for being polite and 'cute.' Frankly, I don't see it. 

I learned that we are all waiting for the mayor to let us know the status of everything at 2p today. In the meantime, my internet is still up and I'm off into my virtual work day. 

Waiting for 2p and #2 hurricane. 


Thursday, August 7, 2014

Iselle y Julio

After nearly three weeks in Oregon, I had to cut it short and come home to L & C to face down TWO hurricanes.

I was able to book an early return flight, by paying Hawaiian Air $200. They were offering free changes to folks who were affected by the hurricane, but I was told that since I was moving my date from the 12th to the 7th, instead of other way around, I had to pay. Which is weird, if you think about the fact they need people to give up later dates and take this date. But not weird if you think about the fact that they are trying to shake money out of my pockets any way they can.

Anyway. I'm here. Tied most stuff down and put most stuff away. Filled up with water and bought some canned food. Fingers crossed and hoping for the best.

Much aloha!