Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Aloha Oe, Rick and Brenda

Greg looking for Kris's favorite visor, lost at sea going on three days now

Kris helming us past Waikiki

Checking the surf at Kewalos on the way out

Double-rainbow for our lucky friends. Pomaikai!
Rick, sailing off into the sunset...wait! Denver is the other way, braddah!
Nani wahine! Aloha oe!

Things that Break

Oh, poor neglected sailing blog!

In our defense, you've been neglected because we have been doing the thing, rather than talking (writing) about the thing. And, as every sailor knows, or learns very quickly, when you do the thing, you end up breaking a lot of things and spending time fixing them so you can go break other things and/or the same things again, and again.

So, what's broken in our first two months of sailing? Well, sounds like the starboard head macerator motor is about to eat itself. The TV and the convection oven made it less than two months and blinked out. The starboard bilge cover collapsed and I rebuilt the floor, creating new support underneath. A ten-foot fiberglass sail-batten released itself to the depths of Mamala Bay and it's replacement went in search of the prior resident three days later.

And, best of all, the anchor windlass blew up, scattering parts all over the foredeck and requiring us to haul in 250' of 1/4" anchor chain by hand, in about 16' of depth, off Waikiki on the Fourth of July. God bless America!

Still loving it.