Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Call for Designers

So, I posted this bit about the boat name and a potential logo here, despite Kris's protestations. She had designed this one in MS Paint in about ten minutes and it was intended to be a conceptual thing that would evolve into the eventual real logo.

When Kris's colleague, Cameron the Real Designer, saw it, his response was, "Were you going for hokey? Because if you were, you nailed it." Or something like that. This, of course, was funny on a couple of levels. The obvious one and then the fact that Kris is a designer by training and has a great minimalist eye for home design; incredible color sense; and she's the most OCDishly organized person in my universe, all of which adds up to her being embarrassed that anyone would see a work in progress and think she was, in her essence, a bit gauche.

What, you don't see the humor in this? It's because I truly am gauche. I'm Gregory Gauche. In fact, I think Gregory is French for gauche. Wait. Gauche is French for gauche, isn't it?


So, if you read this blog and you design stuff, take that theme and send me what you got. I'll pick the top three or one and have a poll to decide which logo gets painted on the Hunter 170.

Yeah? Anybody out there?

I'll send you a fabulous prize, too.

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Jolea said...

Ok... I cant post the html design on here. So, go to my blog and check out the design I made for ya! :)