Monday, June 8, 2009

A Potential New Home for L & C

Kris and I tried to visit the Willamette Sailing Club, but were thwarted (that's nautical, yeah?) by a rare bit of unstable air gusting into Portland and dumping hail and shooting lightning at us.

We made over this afternoon, in much more mild weather. Toured around and put in an application. Club meeting next week on Tuesday evening and we'll know if they like us. It looks like it's a shoe-in, but who knows? Kris may have a dark past.


O Docker said...

As long as no one from the fire department shows up, you should be in great shape.

One of the mild annoyances from our dinghy sailing days, which eventually became a major annoyance, was the whole trailering thing. My wife insisted we store the boat at a yard, so that was two extra trips every time we wanted to sail.

I just hope you won't have to wear a blue blazer.

Tillerman said...

Do they know about DR-1?

Greg and Kris said...

I think they know about my physician status. If they don't, they'll figure out very quick when I show up with my North Sails racer hat and have to explain it's origin.

Tillerman said...

Looks like a decent club...
a) Dinghies only
b) One design racing
c) Active Laser fleet.

My kind of place. What's not to like about that?