Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Things to do near the Sailing Club on the Willamette

From Carol Anne's blog writing project, here are some things to do near WSC in Portland. Similar to Captain JP, our sailing ground runs right through the heart of the city where we live and play.

Get up above it all on the tram or Mt. Hood. The tram link has a picture of the river, just behind the condos in the middle ground, and Mt. Hood in the background. The mountain is about fifty miles from town and an easy day trip.

Get lubricated with some sailors at the Fulton. Part of the McMenamin Brother's Northwest brewpub dynasty, this one is fun, but only picked because it's nearest to WSC. Peruse their other options, which include a couple of classic old movie houses converted to pubs/restaurants, as well as the old county poorhouse and an elementary school, both of which have overnight accommodations and multiple entertainment options.

See Kris on the West side of the river, or Greg on the East side, during the work day. Come on out to Garden Home (G-homeys, represent!) in the evening and have a glass of wine with us on the front porch as the sun goes down across the street.

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