Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Work is for Suckers

I'm gonna get fired, if I keep this up. My wife tells me so.

Is that such a bad thing? I know there's the whole 'money' thing, because we have to 'eat' and 'live' somewhere, but, hey, Larry Craig lost his 'job' and he hasn't killed himself. That guy doesn't even know how to get out of a closet.

I can find something that feeds my habit, right?

I was in the office at 6 and the glare on my monitor screen by 8 was making it very clear what kinda day it was gonna be out there.

I did some quick math in my head and realized I could stretch lunch to two hours and get in the work hours I needed with plenty of time to pick up the kids by five.

So, a quick lunch in the cubicle petting zoo, and I was off.

I launched and ran upriver/downwind to Staff Jennings Boat Center and asked about registration. Apparently, I am required to show some sort of ownership other than the fact that I showed up with the boat.

Their dock was a bit tricky with a swirling river current coming in and winds circling above. I eventually made it away from the dock and tacked back downriver to the club in six legs. The first couple were outstanding, with stiff 10+ kt gusters heeling the boat over and carrying me across the river as quick as I could handle it. Maybe a bit quicker as I was having to jump around to set myself up and make my turns.

I txted Jared and he made it down to the docks at noon. I slipped into the lee of the clubhouse and Jared came aboard for some more downriver tacking. We were able to cover the largest portion of the sailing ground in both directions and finish up at the club in about forty-five minutes. Wind was outstanding!

Kris is ready to move up to a keel boat, but I'm having so much fun, I can't imagine giving up the dinghy before the season is over.

I guess if I had an unexpected unemployment stretch, I'd be stuck dinghy-sailing for the summer .... Maybe it's time to take a stance. Not necessarily a 'wide' one (not that there's anything wrong with that), but a stance, nonetheless.


TimScullin said...

Haha nice post!
Hey flip me an email I have something that might interest you! timscullin at

Keep "working" hard!

Pandabonium said...

Thanks for posting these getaways with pics. At least I can dream through your blogging.

Sorry about the missing crew member. (empty PFD). :)

Greg and Kris said...

Thanks, Panda. I'm enjoying my irresponsibility.

@Tim are you going to try and get me selling Amway? That website wants me to register for something but doesn't tell me what it's all about. Any "hints"?

Zen said...

nice shots

Greg and Kris said...

Thanks, Zen. Every once in a while, the iPhone surprises me with some decent shots. Loved the way the water looked with the sun bouncing off it this day. Sometimes the lower-angled winter light does things that are more interesting than summer sun.