Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Who Wants Crew March 26 on the Bay?

C'mon, you Bay Area blowhards! Let's go sailing. We'll be coming home to the City by the Bay the weekend of March 26-27.

We get into town Friday night and Kris goes to work on Sunday. I, however, will be a kept man, ready to sail at a moment's notice, Saturday through Monday. Then, back to Portland on Tuesday morning.

And for you Rob Me Please fans, my house will not be empty. There is a dog, two cats, and a virtual herd of attack-trained pygmy goats!

Plus, my daughter is staying there.


O Docker said...

We're both off that week, but I'm still not sure which way we'll be headed. There's a pretty good chance we'll be down at the boat on Sunday, but maybe not sailing.

We could give you a tour of our wine locker.

I think the only herd of goats I'd want is a virtual herd.

Greg and Kris said...

A tour of the wine locker might be even better than a cold sail on the Bay. :)

The World Tour said...

Have a pleasant sail. x

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