Sunday, March 9, 2014

Endeavour Victory 35

We've been in Hawaii for a year now and we are looking at moving to a boat. Surprisingly, living on a boat is not easy in Hawaii. Where Florida has many options for sailors, Hawaii is somewhat limited. I imagine it's because the ports are limited. Much of the coastline is fringed by reefs. The big island is probably the least accessible, especially when comparing coastline total distance to the accessible ports.

The cat we are looking at is currently in Kewalo boat basin and would make a good liveaboard. Kris has gone into action to make quick sales on all of our household goods. In fact, she's quite proudly stripped her closet down to a bare minimum of outfits that should easily fit in the smaller space afforded by lockers on a 35-foot catamaran.

More to come. Watch this space...


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Dan Tomlinson said...

Aloha, My name is Dan and I'm the new owner of Grape Soda...... could u give me a call at 808 391 0658.
This is very important and should not take too long. It is in regards to your previous documented ownership.
Look forward to hearing from you.