Friday, June 20, 2014

Doing What She's Meant to Do

It's nice to have a floating condo, but it's best to do what she's made for and go sailing!

Our friends Jared and Nathalie sent a note that Jared's brother Scott relocated here in April for his Navy job. Scott sailed with the University of Washington's sailing Navy sailing team and that's all I needed to know that I'd have another hand to help me get her docked. 

Our slip gets a pretty steady tradewind exposure, pushing away from the pier. So, it helps to have a second hand to get her back in the lines on the return. 

We went straight out of the harbor entrance and set up the sails and away we went on port tack, beam reaching toward the SE. Maybe with a little more effort than that, as this was the first time I sailed her by myself, which required some time to learn how it all works. And, apparently, the main halyard was finished off, not on the mainsail, but on the starboard safety lines. I finished it there again at the end of the day when I heard it banging steadily in the evening trades. 

Anyway, three hours of tacking, gybing, and sailing around Mamala Bay was a great way to spend the afternoon. three plus hours and back at the pier without incident. 


bonnie said...

Love it!

Used to have a friend whose family had a sailboat at the Ala Wai yacht harbor - loved getting invited to go for a sail and a swim!

Unknown said...

Yes! I am so glad you two finally got together. Scott is a solid sailer and teacher.