Saturday, August 30, 2014

Maui by Plane

We flew over yesterday and found our way to Castaway Cafe, just up from Black Rock in Kaanapali. With wifi, a quiet little bar, and spectacular views of Lanai and Molokai, couldn't ask for a much better spot to spend a work day.

This trip is a little Labor Day holoholo with workdays in Maui as bookends. This morning we are waking up in Makawao, where it's a very cool upcountry 70f, a nice break from Late summer heat in Honolulu.

Anyone who's traveled to Hawaii and spent time on more than one island, knows there's some big differences between town and country. However, having lived on O'ahu for a couple of years, and in Honolulu most recently, it's a very welcome contrast here on the slopes of Haleakala. Cooler temps, life passing slowly and quietly, and a lack of locals with aggressive elbows, reminds us why we love Hawaii. Sure, we can get it on O'ahu, if we try, but traveling to outer islands immerses us in our aloha.

A secondary activity on this trip is to check out boating facilities. We knew things were tight over here, but it turns out that Lahaina harbor has a thirty-year waiting list for a slip. The guy on the top of the list applied for a slip in 1981. They think he will get one this year.


Maalaea is not much better, if not worse, and Lanai is very limited as well.

The one glimmer of hope may be Kaunakakai, on Molokai. We may try and take a ferry over and check things out on Molokai tomorrow.