Sunday, May 11, 2014

Sailing Across America

Coming to you from Indiana, this morning; just now crossing the Big Bayou River in Southern Indiana, bound for Saint Louis. You're right, not a lot of sailing around here. So what is this sailing blogger up to? I just delivered an RV from Portland, Oregon, to Georgetown, Kentucky.

We had originally bought that 2012 RV with an eye toward living in it. (Just crossed the Wabash River into Illinois; also remarkable because I served in the USS Wabash AOR-5 for five years.) When our plans changed and we set course for Hawaii, we no longer had a need for an RV of any sort. So, after a year of storage, found a buyer and just delivered it to him in Kentucky.

We had a great beer in Georgetown with some friendly locals and we stopped for supper in Louisville, the self-described 'weird little town,' where our self-described redneck Jew host was quite friendly, rednecky, and a little jewy, but in a pakalolo-friendly way.

I can heartily recommend the brisket, pintos, rice, and greens at Smoketown USA.

Now, my little brother and I are driving back to Portland. Original plan was to stop by to see Kris's cousins at the ranch in Centennial Valley, Wyoming. However, looking at today's Wyo DOT map, you may note that the ranch is currently surrounded by red roads, which is the mapmaker's way of letting us know those roads are closed.

After swapping text msgs with Ed at the ranch, I found out that they have received 14" of snow in the last day and something like four inches in the past hour. The cows are mad and the local mothers will be enjoying the honored day tucked in the bosoms of their house-bound families, I guess. I don't get Bear Tree pizza, which I was greatly looking forward to, but I will get something good to eat in Colorado.

Changing plans on the fly, we will head through Denver, and over the Rockies on I-70. Aiming to head across Utah and half of Nevada, on US 50, which you may also know as The Loneliest Road in America

Some shots from the road this week:


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