Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Too Many Books, a Guitar Player, a Girl Singer, Some Malted Milk Balls, and a Big Road Trip

Wow, crazy busy! We got out of the house last week; moving the final few pieces into a half-full 4x7 storage locker. We will be out of that by the end of this month and everything will be on the boat. 

The first week on the boat it was interesting to watch how low the port hull got, as it has the forward quarter-berth, where we were staging most of the stuff as we offloaded it from our lives. Probably the biggest single weight was the five rough-totes full of books that we ended up donating to Friends of the Kaneohe Library. 


Mostly mine. :(


Our first boat guests were my son Conner and his g/f Genevieve Bellemarre. Remember that name! She got an email while with us that contained her final mastered LP and it's terrific! She has a beautiful voice and a knack for songwriting. It was great to be able to listen to her stuff! 

Don't tell her, I don't want to spoil it, but I already world-premiered it at O'Toole's in DT Honolulu for the lunch crowd on Monday. :)

That kid's gonna go places! 

They left yesterday, as did I. I'm currently sitting in a little cafe in Canby, Oregon. This space used to be a variety store where my grandmother worked. I'm enjoying sitting on the couch here and imagining this must have been right about where the candy counter was and where grandma supported my malted-milk ball habit. 

This afternoon, I'm going to swap cars with my father; take his truck and pick up our fifth-wheel toyhauler, my little brother, and head off to deliver to the new owners in Kentucky. 

I expect it will take at least a week to get over and back. 

I got a brief visit with Queen Medbh and will spend a night with the younger of my offspring next week when I return. 

Nice to be here and enjoying some sunny spring weather in the Willamette Valley. 


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ken richter said...

Have a great trip. I'm envious!