Friday, February 6, 2009

Afternoon Session

I sailed this morning, pulling the boat around noon to make a meeting with a client in the early afternoon. That meeting got done around 1430.

As I pulled out into traffic, boat in tow, initially intending to go home, I thought 'Why not?' and turned down the hill and went sailing again this afternoon.

Of course, it wasn't a hard choice to make, since the sun came out and it was beautiful this afternoon for a couple of hours.

I what point does this activity become a habit (or worse) that I should worry about?

The jetstream is dipping down South and blowing us some Northern chill. We may have snow on Monday, because of it. This has been an odd winter. No El Nino, or La Nina, but we have had quite a few of these jetstream events, which are rare for us. It's usually lined up with the Roaring Forties and bringing our weather to us from out in the Pacific.

Regardless, I took advantage of a few moments of sun, as well as a stiff North breeze, blowing up around 8 knots and giving me some screaming reaches. Well, screaming is relative. It might have been pretty tame for one of you real sailors. I, however, was thrilled that the boat was heeling, if with my 250+ leaning out over the rail.



David said...

Woohoo. Nothing wrong with developing a habit. Let's call it "mastery" instead. Now, get out there and do some more!

Greg and Kris said...

Yeah, I like that better. Working on my mastery. Someday I'll have a master's license.