Thursday, February 19, 2009

I Really Should Have Been Working Today

No time for emailing photos from the boat today. The wind was kicking and I was sailing! Of course, were I a more competent sailor, I might have been able to handle the boat and shoot some decent pics, but, I had my hands full focusing on keeping myself in a mast-up position.

Another beautiful day, upper fifties, although a bit shaded with some cloud cover hanging around.

Did the same downriver as yesterday, plus sailed upriver all in about 1/4 the time. I was actually able to get the boat going across the river at a solid 5+ knot clip, heeling over and moving. I was throwing some wake from the bow, too.

Got some shots of the wing-on-wing action on my upriver return trip, too.

Man I love this stuff.


Christy ~ Central Air said...

Yeah! Bliss OUT!!

Also, my word verification word is "trapbra." hee.

Greg Andkris said...

My favorite word veri was the the time I got an error for writing my name properly. There's an apostrophe in O'Shea and the system kicked it back, which it does sometimes owing to the culturally insensitive demands of system programmers. Anyway, just below the error message was the new word veri for me to enter after I got rid of my apostrophe; it was: O'Connell.


O Docker said...

I've long suspected those word werifications aren't random at all.

I think there are rooms full of people in India making those things up and just messing with us.

I once commented on JP's blog about some navigation software for the iPhone he was reviewing. The verification word came up - and I swear: