Monday, February 16, 2009


I made the list at North Sails for a free hat.

I have been following Tillerman's Hat Quest for a couple of months and in the process of reviewing the list of hat-getters saw that Garrison Keillor made the list for a canoe race on some lake (ahem) in Minnesota.

So, on a whim, and just kidding around, I put my name on the list for a sailing adventure of my own. And now my name is showing up on the list as the winner of the DR-1 class in the Willamette River Winter Invitational.

In my defense, I was, and still am, using North Sails.

I wonder if they really give me a hat. Maybe the North Sails rep calls me up and busts my chops?

And the real dilemma: If I get the hat, do I give it to the Portland Fire Department?
Stay tuned.


O Docker said...

I knew from the start that whole hat thing was a sham.

I just didn't have the heart to bring it up again when Tillerman finally got his hat.

After weeks of being in a deep winter funk, he was finally happy again. His blog sparkled with a newfound vitality. The streets of Tiverton once again echoed with the music of his laughter. Morning had come to America.

Hey, wait a minute. I was third in the Blogger division of the Three Bridge Fiasco. I could use a new hat, too.

Greg Andkris said...

Oh, man, this is so bad. I really feel like I'm taking some candy away from a kid. Okay, a 60+ y/o kid, but still...

Tillerman said...

As Evlstrom so famously said, "You haven't won the hat, if in winning the hat you have lost the respect of your competitors."

Tillerman said...

Or was it Elvström?

Greg Andkris said...

Thank you, T-man. I was worrying about this too much. You've put in perspective, however. I should be thinking about my competitors and their respect.

I can safely say that no one in the Willamette River Winter Invitational will have lost respect for me.

Now, off to sleep, perchance to dream, um, and flights of angels sing me to my rest. (I think I just mangled Acts 2 through 5 of Hamlet, while justifying my attempts to acquire a rather dubiously earned hat....)