Tuesday, March 3, 2009


So, my hat showed up. Turns out the North Sails folks who wanted to measure the boat are the same ones who deliver the hats for regional sailors with victories in the local regattas. They are the one's with jurisdiction (for lack of a better word) over my victory in the DR-1 class at the, ahem, Willamette River Winter Invitational.

There's the hat, a great little sailing bag, a sweet little clip-on penlight in the upper right attached to a zipper, some brochures and a card.

I'm not sure if it's readable here, so I'll recap. It's from Kerry and Amy at North Winds Canvas. They thank me for letting them climb on the boat; offer their hope that I'll enjoy the gifts; express some disappointment at not being able to hand-deliver my victory hat; congratulate me on my victory (cough, cough); casually mention that they have been "enjoying reading" this blog; and then state that "as WSC members, we concur that you should join the club ASAP."


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