Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Party Ending Soon

I imagine I appear to live somewhat of a playboy life, if one were to have tuned in over the past few months and took note of the days/times I was out there on the river sailing.

I went again today for an hour. It was just as squirrely as it was on Monday, with the wind clocking all over the place--at one point I was becalmed and as the wind came up and shifted 180-degrees, the boat began to move and then swang around through most of the points of the compass.

The current and tide were wreaking havoc out there also. I think the tidal bore was passing Willamette Park as I was launching and then sailing upriver.

What does it mean when the centerboard starts shuddering? That was a new one for me.

So, next Monday starts a new, full-time gig for me, requiring me to be in an office forty hours a week. Bleah.

I've been an independent for a long time and regular office hours have never been my style. Despite the economy, I've actually been thriving, with tons of work coming my way. However, my wife is a little nervous, so I took a full-time contract with a government agency to help ease her worries through the next year or two.


I expect the daysailing will become more of a dream. Maybe that'll be a good thing. Maybe it'll inspire us both to maximize our weekend time and get us closer to our sailing away date with the increased focus.


Playboy no more.

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bonnie said...

I hope it's just a faster way to get to your great escape.