Friday, March 27, 2009

A Little Taste of Summer

Beautiful last night. No pictures, however.

It's spring break for public schools in Oregon, so the kids were out in force at the Oaks Park amusement park across the river from the boat launch. Lots of squeals and the occasional sound of the little roller coaster clinking along it's tracks.

Boats out fishing and a few wake boats out wreaking havoc.

The wind was light, but steady blowing up river (from the N) and I tried some wing on wing for about half the distance up to the Sellwood bridge, then switched over to a starboard broad reach. Gybed to port as I came under the bridge and then dropped the centerboard and rounded up as I reached the upstream side of the center bridge support.

I tacked back and forth about six legs and was lined up to reach straight into the boat launch when the wind clocked around a full circle, turning the boat with it.

After some drifting, circling, clocking, the direction finally settled on straight out of the boat launch (West) and I did my best to tack into the little leeway of the piers.

Furled the jib about a hundred feet out and dropped the main in time to touch the dock and step off like I knew what I was doing.

Finished up with a couple of pints of Mirror Pond at the downtown Fish House Marina floaty restaurant thing with a couple of real sailors I know.

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