Sunday, August 30, 2009

No Blow Go

Sailed with Jared and Nathalie with an H for a brief moment or two on Saturday morning. We drifted a little, worked on our sculling skills, and practiced our bowlines, all while Nathalie teased us with descriptions of wonderful breakfasts we could have been enjoying, rather than sitting and watching the club anemometer's impression of a stone.

We learned two or three things. First, you can't make the wind blow just by wanting to go sailing and launching your boat. Second ... I don't remember what was second. Third was something about remembering to bring a slicker, since it rained and we got wet at the end.

Come on wind.


Lockwood said...

Did it rain up there? The last two mornings here in CVO looked and smelled like rain, but not a drop. Then the afternoons cleared up to sunny and warm. I really thought (in terms of weather) it was a perfect weekend. Come to think of it, it's been pretty breezy too. Funny how 75 miles can make such a big difference.

Greg and Kris said...

The rain was what they call localized. We had a cell come through and drench us at the sailing club; I could actually see it coming and see the extent of it's reach. When I left, however, less than a quarter-mile away, the roads were dry and saw no rain at all. A nice little summer rain cloud floating through.

Later in the afternoon I rode my m/c out near Molalla and then back home in SW PDX and it was beautiful.

Ocean Escape said...

Don't forget that when the wind comes it will probably be from the wrong direction ;-)

Anonymous said...

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