Friday, August 21, 2009

Of Racing and Regatta-ing

The hope was to race this past Wednesday night, but the wind did not cooperate and they called it off around 6:30.

We sat around and visited with our friends from Spain who are in town for the month and we might have had a beer, or two, also. Wienies on the Water cruised in and provided delicious bbq'ed meat tubes for dining pleasure.

I'm taking the girls with me to Yale Lake on the SW slope of Mt. St. Helens tonight and we will camp and help out with the Al Morris Memorial Regatta. I've got a boater card, so will drive a chase boat with the girls providing navigational aid.

One bummer was that the real sailors at the club let my crew know that the skipper is supposed to supply the beer to entice the crew into sailing with him. I had a pretty sweet deal going there, until Shannon the Real Sailor spilled those beans.

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O Docker said...

Local tradition here is that the crew provides the cookies. Entries are judged on the basis of originality, texture, and chocolate content by weight (not volume).

Don't show up with Lorna Doones and expect to score a beercan ride.