Friday, April 25, 2014

Last of the stuff

The boat needs a good washdown, but will have to wait for that until Sunday. I'm at the house going through STUFF and trying to whittle it down.

I went through my clothes, which ended up being pretty easy to do. Down to two rough totes total of all of the clothes I will keep in the world.

I procrastinated by cleaning the refrigerator out and scrubbing a couple of shelves and the lower drawers.

Still stuff around and it's still slightly depressing to be amongst it. One guy came by looking for deals from garage sale Kris had posted. He rooted around in a bin of tools and then slipped out the door with something suspiciously droopy in his pants pocket. Do I care if something gets stolen? I guess not.

Ended up posting the table and desk for sale. Those are tough ones to part with. Kris's custom-made desk; designed and built for her by her friend John and given as a house-warming gift.

My 8x3 family table that Kris and I created so many good memories around.

Meanwhile, the boat stuff is probably too much. We are inches above the painted waterline. We will being the process of weeding things out and off from there, now.

Hana hou!


O Docker said...

Wow, what a great desk.

But don't get rid of it. You may be able to repurpose it.

The O'Sheas said...
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The O'Sheas said...

BTW, I clicked on your link twice now. Each time I cringed, waiting for and happy to see the little table-boat guy! Forgetting stuff is great!