Sunday, December 7, 2008

Casting off the Mooring Lines

I left a job in the healthcare industry the week before Thanksgiving. This may rank up there with the woman here in Portland who bet her investment firm's entire portfolio on Bear Stearns the Friday before they ceased to exist, but hindsight is not here yet to spoil the show. So, let's party!

I had been suffering from a massive career ennui and missing the thrill of marcom in the high-tech world when a couple of project opportunities dropped in my lap, so I picked'em up and ran. I gave notice to the healthcare guys back in October and departed on Friday, November 21. It has been quite a whirlwind and I'm feeling much more enlivened, even though what I'm doing could be summed up as touting high-tech toys for business.

The pace is much faster and I prefer the activity. I've dropped a few pounds off my middle-aged frame and I'm enjoying Kris and the girls more, as I should.

Why throw all of this out here? Not sure, but I think it's a sort of articulation and admission of something or other. I think this blog (and the other) have helped me in the transition from s/w product mgr in slow motion back to a strategic, active, writing role. Also, I feel like I've been neglecting the coconuts, so to speak, since I've been slamming busy the past two weeks with the new gigs.

I hope to sail this week, but I'm beginning to understand why there's an off-season to this sport in the higher latitudes.


Jolea said...

Change is good. Always. :)

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Greg and Kris said...

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