Saturday, December 13, 2008

Humble Pie: First Slice

We are mind sailing this morning, with some help from YouTube here. The girls were watching with me and Maeve asked, "Is that boat gonna tip over?" I told her they probably wouldn't, since they are trying to get the boat up like that to go faster. Her sister chimed in with, "Yeah. They know what they are doing. They could probably teach you a lot, dad."

This is my life.


O Docker said...

This sounds like the first invoking of The Great Family Sailing Story.

Get used to it.

They'll forget all about it in about 60 years.

Greg and Kris said...

Yeah, Invocation #1 might have been a good title. We may hit the three digits in well under a year with this thing. Especially when the sun comes out and we start spending more time on the water.