Sunday, December 28, 2008

Lovely Lonely

There she sits, shivering off her winter cold.

You can see some of the snow left over from our little taste of winter, which the local news stations dubbed "Arctic Blast 2008."

Yeah. Not much to cause a stir in Stumptown this time of year. The Blazers are on track for a playoff spot, which we won't have to worry about too much until April. So, they send out their "team" coverage, uh, team to update us on important things regarding the weather, catching important details like how the grass is covered with snow and people who are going downhill in icy spots are trying to go slow.

Yeah, I'm bored too. I've been working all day on a new project for a new client and trying to keep my 7 y/o entertained with a game or two of actual chess in between her battles with the desktop version.

I picked up the MacBook and pointed it out the window at the dinghy. Came out nice, eh?

So, took one of the future Grandmaster.

And Gangsta me.

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Greg and Kris said...

Strange. I kept looking at the pictures that the MacBook takes with the PhotoBooth application, trying to figure out what was wrong. When I took the boat pictures I realized what it is.

The default setting is a mirror image of what the camera is looking at. So, everything is reversed. That mole above my left eye, is really over my right eye.

That's the right rear tire of the boat, not the left as the picture would seem to show.