Sunday, December 28, 2008

Post o' the Year

Simply the best post of the year here at Love and Coconuts was the one in which nobody drowned, but enough ruckus was raised to make it seem so.

Hopefully the next year will include some 'best post' candidates that are driven by the writing, rather than the event which they document. However, this year's best post was the action-packed DR-1 (originally airing as "One Step Back" in locations with interwebs access).

You'll find it all in this post: damsels in distress, swashbuckling river rescue swimmers, fishermen, helicopter command centers, swashbuckling firemen, and some sailing. Okay, very little sailing, but the action was driven by the intent to sail, so that's gotta count for something.

Thanks to Tillerman for the inspiration to go back and look through what I've written in the past, uh, three+ months. It was fun to review where I started and remember the dream of where this is all headed.

[Addendum] Just finished Edward's stellar recap of his race from San Francisco to Kaneohe. Great read! Here is Day 6, but you have to read the whole thing. It's well done and a compelling reason to blow off a project for a new client, as I did this morning for an hour.


Jolea said...

when are y'all coming down????

Greg and Kris said...

Hey there piratey girl. We are flying to FLL next Thursday and driving down to KW on Friday morning, Jan. 9.


Jolea said...

Woo hoo! Holler at me and we will meet up for happy hour at the conch farm!

Greg and Kris said...

That's that old seafood factory place that they turned into a restaurant, yeah? Sounds good. I'll drag myself out of Captain Tony's for that. :)