Thursday, August 7, 2014

Iselle y Julio

After nearly three weeks in Oregon, I had to cut it short and come home to L & C to face down TWO hurricanes.

I was able to book an early return flight, by paying Hawaiian Air $200. They were offering free changes to folks who were affected by the hurricane, but I was told that since I was moving my date from the 12th to the 7th, instead of other way around, I had to pay. Which is weird, if you think about the fact they need people to give up later dates and take this date. But not weird if you think about the fact that they are trying to shake money out of my pockets any way they can.

Anyway. I'm here. Tied most stuff down and put most stuff away. Filled up with water and bought some canned food. Fingers crossed and hoping for the best.

Much aloha!

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