Saturday, April 19, 2014

Back in Kewalo Basin

Pulled the for sale sign off.

They lifted us at about 1345 yesterday afternoon, and Kris immediately painted the four spots that we couldn't reach while she was on the boat blocks; so, that's how that works, curious minds.

They wheeled the boat over to the launch area and put out a ladder for us to climb aboard. As they started to pull the ladder away, our navigator, the yacht broker, showed up and quickly climbed onboard.

No incidents as we were lowered, started up the engine, checked to make sure cooling water was flowing out, and backed out of the lift zone. Forward, back again, and we were off.

A short, six-mile cruise and we had her at the slip.

The biggest challenge will be docking. We did okay with a third hand onboard to help. Kris and I will have to learn to work it together. In the future, we'll probably put Kris at the helm and I will be the deckhand for docking. We had a little bit of a mess-up as the bow started to blow away, pushed by the strong trades. With John helping, and some leverage from his line on the dock, I was able to move her forward and back a few times to get her closer and then pull a line over and secure her.

View from our slip.

She's got a half-dozen spring lines in place, too, to help with the bouncing that goes on in the slip. I guess when South swells get going, this corner gets some rocking and rolling.

View from our slip, with anuenue. 

No sailing yet. We will wait for lighter winds.

Trades are whipping today, keeping it cool here.

We walked across the street to the Kaka'ako Farmer's Market at Ward Warehouse and got a couple of fresh-baked croissants from the hippies with the oven in the bed of their pickup; washed it down with a pineapple, apple-banana, honey, cream smoothie, and listened to some Hawaiian music.

Beautiful day!

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