Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Kewalo Sunset Okinawan Sunrise

Spent the day working from the boat (boring); with a 4a start time. Oy! Later, ran over to the Div of Boating Recreation and got the boat ownership transferred to my name; and made a deposit at the bank. Kris dropped me and ran out to the house to meet someone who was buying a table and some chairs.

I also looked at bicycles. We are trying to figure out what sort of auxiliary transportation will work best on the boat. And it's probably a good idea to get some funky little city/fold-up type bicycles. Researching that!

As we headed off to dinner last night, had to stop, back up and capture this picture of the beautiful sunset.

We were off to meet with our friends Alton and Sharie at the great little Okinawan hole-in-the-wall restaurant Sunrise. Dinner was excellent; especially the pork and yakisoba.

All washed down with some nice BYOB sakes.

Afterward, we rode over to Via Gelato and had some sweet treats to wrap a nice night on the town.


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Unknown said...

What a beautiful looking sunset. The boat's looking as gorgeous as ever as well. I think the fold-up bicycle is a great idea for an auxiliary vehicle for your awesome travels. I hope you're all hale this summer! Safe sailing!

Ralph S. @ Loans4Less