Monday, April 14, 2014

Survey Says...

Whooo! What a day! Exciting, stressful, happy, nervous, tired, and a whole bunch more, I'm sure. We went through the survey this morning and hauled out L&C this afternoon. Lucky for us that the previous owners are honest, hard-working folks, who shared all that they did with us and are leaving us setup with an above average boat. 

Here she is flying free of the sea:

The biggest outstanding issue is the age of the standing rigging. Although in good condition, it doesn't appear to have been updated in the boat's lifetime. Since manufacturers recommend a lifespan of 6-10 years in the tropics, that means we are eight years past due date. 

The one issue is a missing bolt on the starboard diamond stay-arm. This will allow for it to slide out of place and could result in the mast failing. We can address that easily, and quickly. 

The water heater appears ready for an overhaul and there's an exhaust pipe, coming off the Yanmar 27 manifold that is due for replacing. 

Currently called Grape Soda and hailing from Honolulu, we will keep you all updated with the name and location. 

Looking forward to much more of this...


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