Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Powder blue seventies eye shadow for your nails?

We are into the yard work now. Spent the day inspecting the hull, repairing a couple of minor things, doing some cleaning, and beginning the sanding process. 

I took a couple of aluminum kick plates (for lack of a better name) off the aft end of the pontoons. They were each about 1 1/2 foot square and added on by a former owner; not original equipment. 

Attached by three screws each, I removed them, cleaned up underneath, and filled the holes. 

Fortunately, our friend Rodolfo came by and pointed out a couple more cracks in the hull (minor now, but potentially bad if missed), and I will be able to fill those early tomorrow before we start the clean-up process that will precede our first layer of marine anti-fouling paint. 

 This is nasty stuff! Sure, it looks cute under my nails; giving you all flashbacks to disco-blue eye-shadow from Saturday Night Fever, but it's full of heavy metals. That contradiction is no joke! This stuff is bound to be nasty and lethal.

The concept here, is that paint loaded with copper will leach the natural bio-cide throughout it's lifespan, discouraging (killing) little marine creatures intending on making a home on our hull.

The forward injector on the Yanmar 27 is leaky and I sent a picture to my mechanic in Oregon, in hopes he can make a trip out to help me get that one sorted out. Not a crucial issue at the moment, but one that will certainly have to be addressed at some point.


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