Sunday, April 13, 2014

Survey Tomorow!

Well, after a long month, it's almost here. Tomorrow morning we will meet the boat surveyor at Grape Soda at 8a. We are paying a little extra to have him inspect the rigging aloft, as well as the standard hull and equipment survey.

As Kris and I are less experienced with the sail and mast rigging, it seems prudent to have it all checked. Also, seems a good opportunity to ask questions and take lots of notes walking around with a guy who knows these things and gets to look at them often.



Behan - s/v Totem said...

It's really, really smart to get the rigging checked. That said, a rigging surveyor usually has a specific skill set- not just any surveyor! Hopefully you get the info you need- it's something most people overlook, so you're ahead of the game. Wish we were there to help!

The O'Sheas said...


We have confidence that Joe will at least give us a good first look at the rigging. He's going aloft, which is a good sign. I will have my local sailing friends tell me what they think, too. I imagine we will be refitting much of that standing rigging. The running rigging was redone within last year.