Wednesday, April 16, 2014

First Night on the Boat

Yes, I'm in the yard, but Father Neptune made sure to whip up some wind and get this baby swaying on the hard, in the yard. Yo.

Kris went home late last night to spend the night with her dogs. I'm pretty sure she would have rather been here, even though the accommodations are a bit on the spartan side.

I made a late West Marine run and found out our neighbor in the yard works there. Her partner has been busting his tail underneath their boat for the whole time we've been here, stripping the hull down to wood. She found out right at the end of the shift--I was last customer--that the store was requiring a meeting. She asked me to pass the word to Jamie (labor) that Anne Elise (management) was going to be a little late. She said, "He will worry about me, on my bike."

I knocked on his hull and passed the message. He said, "Yeah, I do worry. She's on the bike."

 Awoke to a big beautiful waning gibbous moon, as well.

Today is a day for hull cleaning, scrubbing and painting! We hope to get two coats on today; the third tomorrow morning; and float again tomorrow afternoon.


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